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How to add my Amber folders as External storages to Nextcloud on Amber?

Jan van iCloud

I've installed Nextcloud on Amber as my personal cloud. I want to setup my personal folders of Amber to be External storages of Nextcloud on Amber. How I can do so? 

1 Answer
Best Answer

You can add your Amber folders as external storages with the following steps:

1 - Go into your Nextcloud settings, and under Administration you should find External Storages

    1a - If External Storages is not present make sure the External Storages app is enabled from the Nextcloud Applications tab

2 - Select Add Storage and choose SMB/CIFS from the dropdown menu, choose a name for the storage


3 - In the autentication dropdown select Username and password

4 - In the Host field, use the local IP of your Amber without port (eg.

    4a - You can fin the IP easily with AmberFinder or in the AmberOS Control Panel > Network > General, named as Default Gateway

5 - In the Share field, choose the name of the folder that will be displayed

6 - In the Username and Password fields use your Amber credentials and save the configuration

    6a - A green check should appear near the External Storage configuration

To access your External Storage folder on Nextcloud, go to Files and in the External Storage tab on the left, there you should see your shared folder with the name you chose in step 5, enjoy!


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