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Can I use AmberPRO as files server in my home office?

Marcell Eberwein
1 Answer
Marcell Eberwein
Best Answer

1.       Make sure Amber is on the same local network of PC/Mac.

2.       Set admin password and register a LatticeNest ID.

a. will be changed to

b.       Admin is the owner of Amber, only one Admin can be set on Amber OS


1.       Only Admin can add new users.

2.       Users created under Amber OS via PC/Mac desktop can access files on local network.

a.       Login to Amber via Latticenode.local or local IP on Desktop explorers.

b.       Create New User under Users.

c.       New users created under Amber OS is not combine with emails, so users can access Amber storage only under same local network.

Note*: For remote setup new users, it can be done by using Support Anywhere.


3.       If Admin want to give new users to access on Amber from remote, Admin need to create users by Amber Manager by iOS/Android:

a.       Open Amber Manager by Mobile phone

b.       Login with Admin. (Only Admin can add new users on Amber.)

c.       Add new user information and click Create Device Account.

d.       Enter the email address of the user. The user will receive an invitation email and will be guided to download the Amber LiFE App to complete the pairing with Amber. Then press "Finish". 

Note*: Amber & Mobile phone needs to be under same local Network to open Amber Manager for the Amber setup

Create shared folders in Amber OS

1.       Login to Amber OS, you can create shared folders for all users.

2.       You can setup User for their group and setup rights per user group. 

1.       Amber is designed to make storing and sharing files within your local network quick and simple. You'll be able to transfer files in Amber with Windows File Explorer just like another device.

2.       Map network drive by Amber users.

1.       The folders newly created on Amber OS are accessible on local network only.

3.       Go tp File Explorer, select the folder you want to export and click Export.

4.       Click Export to confirm. You can now access this folder in Amber LiFE Apps after exporting.


a.       Rsync. Setup procedure: 

c.       If you want to backup to another Amber outside local network, you can user Amber Life Desktop App.

a.       Login to Amber Life App with your (or account

b.       Choose which Amber you want to backup.

c.       Select which local folders you want to backup:


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