OVHCloud in Strasbourg Incident
Preventing a collective data loss with AmberPRO

Strasbourg in flames

Have you heard of the OVHCloud data center in Strasbourg that caught flames over night on March 9th? The fire completely destroyed the SBG2 data center and partially damaged its neighbor SBG1 as 4 out of 8 servers were destroyed.


This incident has led 3,6 million HTTP servers representing 464’000 domains to shut down, with the list still growing. In turn, leading approximately 15’000 customers worldwide (across Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey) to loose their centrally stored data without a warning and completely helpless.

The CEO promised his clients that such an incident would never happen again as security details and prevention measures will be increased. His on-spot solution presented to his customers digitally, was to deliver over 10’000 servers to clients over the next three to four weeks. In addition, he claimed that such incidents would promote the importance for back-up subscriptions on a data center located in another geography. However, this solution can be expensive and effortful for an organization as well as clients while not being flawless in the long run.

AmberPRO as a solution

AmberPRO presents customers the opportunity for users to host their own cloud locally with cloud-like service. User can install Kailona or Nextcloud on Amber as edge server, Amber Anywhere provide public URL for users to access them from anywhere like their own cloud.  

For data safety concern, Amber has already 2 HDD's built-in with RAID 1 by data mirroring. Meaning one HDD can recovery the other one if it fails. 

With free Amber iX Desktop app, users can even create backup task to copy their folders from one Amber to the other Amber installed at different location. 

As AmberPRO decentralizes the storage of data, such a large scale damaging incident, with numerous losses while leaving data owners clueless, could not have taken place.

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