Mass incidents of disk wiping for WD
Western Digital, maker of the popular My Disk external hard drives, is recommending that customers unplug My Book Live storage devices from the Internet until further notice

The storage products company Western Digital has warned their users to disconnect from the internet the device My Book Live following the recent events, where many users reported a factory reset that deleted all their data triggered by someone external to the local network.
The My Book Live is a popular storage device for consumers and businesses. It plugs into computers, typically through USB. The affected model, known as My Book Live, uses an Ethernet cable to connect to a local network. From there, users can remotely access their files and make configuration changes through Western Digital cloud infrastructure. WD stopped supporting the My Book Live in 2015. Western Digital now advised customers to disconnect their My Book Live devices to prevent further attacks while the company investigates the mass wiping. There are reports from users on the WD forum that claim their drives of My Book Live were wiped despite having disabled cloud features.

How can Amber prevent this kind of disasters from happening?
The Amber, that by design is Cloud-Attached doesn't give the rights to perform a factory reset from outside of the local network. In fact the device can't be directly accessed from outside with the Administrative permissions to perform actions such as a complete factory reset.
The Amber is therefore not exposed directly to the internet and can't be reset by external attackers in the same way as the WD My Book

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