Sendent for Nextcloud on AmberPRO

What is Sendent?

Sendent allows you to securely exchange files by email without size limitation.
Sendent is connected with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to continue to work from your trusted mail program while emailing more securely. Very useful, for example, to share privacy-sensitive documents or texts or to send attachments that are normally too large to email. All files are uploaded to your personal Cloud environment from where you can control who has access to them.

Can I use Sendent with Nextcloud on the Amber?

Absolutely! As a solution where files can be exchanged securely in a user-friendly way, without handing over your data and control, Sendent works perfectly with Nextcloud, especially if hosted on your Amber with AmberPRO.
Nextcloud offers a solution that takes “security and control” seriously like no other and ensures that you have control over your data storage.

Sounds good, but how does it work? Is it free?

The core functionalities of Sendent are entirely free, as a contribution to the open-source community by its developers. 
This allows you to easily share large files no matter how large they are and you can make a link available to the recipient via the Public Share so that they can upload files that will be placed on your private Nextcloud server. The server app also makes it easy to centrally manage the settings for the users within your organization.

Sendent introduction by Léon van de Broek

There are also a professional and a premium plan, that will be necessary ad the number of users will scale up, for companies and enterprises. Premium plans are packed with additional features, and also branding for your company, for example, premium makes it possible that besides the attachments, the entire contents of your email can be uploaded.

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