Office365 Troubles
Office 365 data-centralisation backfires and raises privacy concerns

On April 25, 2021, Axel Habermehl published an article about the serious concerns of Stefan Brink, State Commissioner for Data Protection, against the planned use of the 'Microsoft Office 365' software by the Ministry of Culture.

As you may know, 'Office365', with its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functions, is one of the most used software by workers and students. The simple and inexpensive access to Office365 is what makes it so famous, however, the software does include possible user-harmful terms and conditions.

After a package of test programs at 30 schools, Brink advises against the use of Office365 software. He found that there were numerous data transfers to the USA that could not be prevented. This means that user files can be forwarded to servers in the USA and used outside of users' control and explicit consent. Since Microsoft is allowed to process observations and user/device records and behaviors, the use of this software is particularly problematic if made available to underaged students and general users.

This incident will now be forwarded to the responsible individuals and judges, who are to issue a verdict.

Amber & Nextcloud as a solution

The Nextcloud application can be 1-click downloaded and installed on your Amber. With this software, users have all the practical advantages that they could also get from the Office365 program, with the difference that all data will be stored confidently and securely. Furthermore, Nextcloud provides Amber owners with a multitude of other services, such as:

  • File Management 

  • Photos Management

  • Mail Management

  • Nextcloud Talk

  • Calendar App

  • Collabora

  • External Storage Support

  • Privacy Tools

  • Video Player

  • Nextcloud App Store

With the Nextcloud software installed on the Amber machine, this product bypasses the public centralization of user data. All user files are stored locally on the Amber machine and are not publicly accessible. This gives users a more controlled and safe workspace next to blocking unwanted organisms. 

The access to and forwarding of documents or files is therefore completely controllable by the owner of the Amber machine and leaves little to no room for today's hackers and other organizations with malicious thoughts and goals.

If you as a user want to be in control of your data and not want it to be accessible by a multitude of unknown parties, then switch to the future of a de-centralized NAS such as the Amber.

Email security with Nextcloud on Amber
Are your emails really safe?