Nextcloud Just launched Hub 21

Nextcloud Hub 21: More speed and new tools for collaboration

Nextcloud just announced Nextcloud Hub 21 out with up to 10x better performance, whiteboard and more collaboration features on 22-Feb-2021. 


Nextcloud promises more performance for version 21 of its collaboration platform Nextcloud Hub, which has now been presented . The methods for loading apps have been revised and the database queries have also been optimized.

Nextcloud 21 collaboration features screencast


New collaboration tools

For better team coordination, Nextcloud Hub 21 is introducing a collaborative whiteboard app. With the, users can draw, take notes and upload pictures during a call or alone. Author colors in the text make it easy to keep track of activity during a collaborative editing session.

Nextcloud Whiteboard

Nextcloud Hub 21 introduces a collaborative Whiteboard app that allows users to: Draw lines & shapes, Take notes & write text, Upload images, Present to other participants in a call. 


There are more to explore on Nextcloud! 


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