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Today's cloud provides great flexibility, security, and ease of use. There is no real reason not to use the many cloud services, made available by Google apps as storage solutions. The advantage of separating yourself from the physical device is undoubtedly the ability to switch from one computer to another within a few seconds and avoid the possibility of damaging the hard disk, leading in turn to the loss of important data.

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However, in some cases, the personal cloud is still the best solution. Maybe you don't trust online services 100% or the materials you want to keep are so precious that you want to keep physical backups inside the walls of your home. In short, even if they are not large in number, this situation exists, and NAS devices with security raids meet such needs. As a result, LatticeWork brought its AmberPRO solution to the desktop, which is a reasonably priced NAS that does not require complicated configuration steps due to simplified procedures and applications for smartphones and desktops You can start and run.

There are two mirrored hard drives to provide data protection in the event of a technical failure. The configuration phase is similar to the configuration phase of many home automation products today, including turning on the device and using the smartphone app that will connect to AmberPRO, asking you to enter some information, and everything is ready in a few minutes. Unlike traditional NAS devices, which usually require manual disk installations, RAID configuration, and in the worst case even manual settings to access its content through the Internet. In the case of AmberPRO, everything is ready from the start.

You can create multiple users, so you can provide access to any number of users based on your space or shared access. Activate automatic backup of photos from smartphone to computer. You can upload files directly to a single folder, and you can even start playing AV content on your TV. Amber Pro also has its own operating system and hardware configuration based on an Intel dual-core Gemini Lake processor.
In order to make the device more attractive, considering many solutions, it is not easy to position itself in today's cloud service market, LatticeWork has added some features to extend the functionality of Amber Pro.

Features like getting your own personal cloud with plenty of space to back up your images and files in a matter of minutes, which you can access via smartphone or computer, and the ability to have a couple of extra Ethernet ports on your desk to connect other devices too.

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The Amber device.

Amber Pro's unique selling point is the Amber OS operating system's ability to unlock the AmberPro function, which enables you to install and run Docker applications directly on the NAS. As a result, it becomes a home machine on which to run a variety of software and services.
Installation can be done manually, by creating a container in which to import a YAML file, or through an app store, which is based on the developers' willingness to make their apps accessible through this service. It's still in beta, so it's just for experts right now, but the aim is to make it more user-friendly and accessible to all.

Amber Pro combines a NAS, a router, and an operating system that allows it to interface with Docker and the many applications and services created by the developer community.
It is probably a bit too expensive if we consider its use as a simple NAS, as there are solutions that offer the same functions at a lower price. Amber Pro has, on its side, ease of use, but is ideal for those who want to create a device with very specific services, passing by docker hub. The presence of USB and HDMI ports point in this direction, as it will be possible to turn it into whatever the developer community has to offer.

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