The Brain for your smart home
YouTube review from Carlos Vaz

The Portuguese tech YouTuber Carlos Vaz recently published an in-depth review of the Amber, let's follow him!

Carlos explained in the most detailed way possible every step of the setup procedure, from the mobile application to the web interface, following with a detailed description of the AmberOS, along with the file system, the backup features, and the core features of AmberPRO

He also explained the powerful docker engine with the possibility to install home automation apps like Home Assistant and Nextcloud for your own privacy and safety. He emphasized the importance of a device like the Amber in the home of somebody that prioritizes privacy and home automation, even at a beginner level, being the Amber so easy and straightforward to configure. With a Nextcloud installation, you can easily manage your filed media and documents in a fully private way.


Carlos is one of the many people that embraced the possibilities offered by AmberPRO on Amber and with the ease of it's use. Make sure to check out his video (Portuguese with subtitles) HERE

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