Self-assembled NAS or stand-alone device?
BasemenTech video compares Amber to a self-built NAS

The latest video from the Italian Youtuber BasemenTech brought attention to an interesting comparison between a solution like Amber and the more technical self-assembled NAS devices.

For small offices or users that want to keep their data safe at their home, while being able to access it from anywhere, Amber has a good advantage for the functionalities offered.
While the cost to build a self-assembled NAS is very low, the process requires a significant amount of technical knowledge, and usually, a standalone device is well-engineered for the use it's meant for, with materials and components strongly tied together.

The software also plays a big role in the comparison, since the environment offered by Amber, including the application for the configuration and the operative system. A full system with easy to install and manage application goes a long way for users that are seeking an easy and hassle-free experience.
A standalone device is very friendly for users that don't want to spend too much time configuring the network, the device, doing the port forwarding, and other tweaks necessary for a self-built machine.

"The Amber is for people that turn on the device and expect it to work immediately."
Safety is also a big point in favor of Amber, since the configuration is limited it prevents the user from accidentally exposing the device to external threats, also the authentication and the cloud-hybrid solution is a plus in terms of overall security.

Watch the full video from BasemenTech (Italian. You can enable English subtitles in the Youtube settings)


The raw computing power of a device like Amber is not comparable to a self-built machine that can deploy beefy hardware for any use instance, but to balance it out it guarantees consistency on the performance, and more reliability in the long run, thanks to the proprietary hardware and custom-developed operative system.
The dimensions are also in favor of Amber, except for the reduced upgrade possibilities, since the compact device doesn't allow for too many hardware upgrades.

"Amber also offers AmberPRO: a superior software interface with docker support and easy-to-install applications like Home Assistant, Nextcloud, Security Apps, WordPress, and many more."

This product is perfect to fill the gap between raw NAS devices and self-assembled NAS stations, offering the users a unique product that aims to simplify the end-user experience for self-hosting.

If you're looking for an easy solution with no configuration in a safe environment, then Amber is the choice for you.

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