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Benefits of the Affiliate Program by LatticeWork BV

To share the love of the Amber product with your connections, LatticeWork BV gives Amber users the possibility to take part in an affiliate program. This partnership program provides Amber users with another range of benefits, namely price discounts when buying a new Amber device as well as referral benefits. Thus, you will be able to bring affiliate benefits not only to the users but also to the connections of Amber users.

Seeing how the Amber One or Amber Plus is a remarkable new product combining a NAS with Docker and Router functions, once known to the wider public, the spread might happen quickly. You can create and copy the Referral link by visiting ''My Affiliate'' after login. You can share this Referral Link with your friends and connections. They will get coupons by clicking on the Referral Link that you shared with them. They can use these coupons as discounts when placing new orders. 

By now, a range of international tech influencers have reviewed the Amber One or Amber Plus device and have created a reviewing videos to share their love for the product and expert opinion with their respective audience. Therefore, as brand and product awareness increase, LatticeWork BV has given both buyers and testers a monetary incentive to decrease client expenses and at the same time increase Amber review cases.

Share with love. Be loved by what you shared.

You enjoy using the Amber, where you can keep your data safe at home or at the office? You want to share a nice experience with your friends or connections with love? With the Affiliate Program, you bring the benefit to all. You, your friends, and connections can get coupons after clicking the referral links previously shared.

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