COMPUTER TOTAAL: Amber is Innovative!
Tech Magazine on Amber Plus

Once a month, the Dutch tech news company COMPUTER TOTAAL releases 1 journal, informing their readers about upcoming new technology market products. These products range from Computers to NAS devices, Gaming Accessories, Smart- and Headphones, and a lot more.

Last week they published their June 2021 journal, in which a section is dedicated to NAS devices, including our machine, the Amber Plus. The section informs readers about the different NAS devices that can be found on the market, hoping that consumers opt for a choice based on well-educated advice or pin down their preferences.

Test Title: Can the NAS compete with the Cloud? 

About the Amber Plus

In their rather short paragraph, the journal shortly recaptures the main functionalities and goals of the Amber Plus device. They summarize the three in one (NAS, WiFi-Router, and Docker compatibility) Amber functions and share their opinions on them. 

In general, the functions of the Amber are rather 'basic', claims the journal, but their performances are clear and easy to use (e.g. creating folders, sharing files,..) without requiring technological background knowledge. 

If you want to add some extra functionality to the Amber Plus device, you first have to enable the AmberPRO service. This service is still in its beta stage for continuous development and improvement, but it is already possible to install Docker applications on the Amber Cloud NAS.

The Computer Totaal crew tested Nextcloud, Home-Assistant, and Odoo, and they all met their objectives and expectations of users. Furthermore, they claim that the Docker support is what makes the Amber Plus so interesting to newcomers.

Amber Strengths and Weaknesses

Below you can read the strong and weak points of the Amber Plus device, taken from the article written in the 'COMPUTER TOTAAL' journal.


  1. Innovative 

  2. Multi-functional

  3. Simple File Sharing

  4. Simple Automated Backups

  5. Dimmable LED Lights: 

Amber Photo was taken from TechMagnet with dimmable LED light.

Weaknesses under improvement

  1. Limited Functionality

    1. We're improving more Docker Apps on Amber App Store for 1-click installation. 

    2. More Docker Apps still can be installed manually. 

  2. Dependent on the Internet

    1. Local Amber NAS is paired with for security reasons. Without changing the local network setting. Amber NAS can be accessed from anywhere. 

    2. Amber NAS can be accessed at a local network without depending on the internet. 

  3. Immature Ecosystem

    1. Amber Cloud NAS is an Edge Storage Server with a Cloud-like service. 

    2. Aiming to provide secure Personal Cloud solutions for any users, Amber OS is a brand new Ecosystem, we're improving this all the time with market feedback. 

  4. Mess with multiple Accounts

    1. Amber has 3 login accounts, (1) Amber NAS login for local network access, (2) Amber Cloud login for pairing local Amber NAS without changing local network settings, (3) Network login to set up WAN and WiFI. 

    2. We're streamlining the login process all the time.  

Amber is an Innovative NAS with Cloud service.   

Amber is Cloud-Attached storage, not a legacy NAS. NAS is an abbreviation of Network-Attached Storage, which was designed originally for the use of local Networks. If users need to access legacy NAS outside their local network, users need to change settings with the local network, which may create some risk of ransomware attacks.  

AmberPRO with Docker App Store offers almost unlimited features and possibilities that Amber users can add individually to their Amber Cloud NAS. 

The Legacy NAS can't compete with the Cloud, especially for normal users who have no network knowledge. Amber is a Cloud-Attach Storage system designed for everyone. Without requiring any network knowledge, every Amber user can host their own Nextcloud as OneDrive or Google Drive alternative easily. 

Compared with legacy NAS, the Amber can compete with the Cloud easier!

OverVolt Unboxing of the Amber!