Amber for secure sharing
How Amber implement your work flow on new era of Digital Economy

If you start talking about professionalism and industrial secrecy, then long-distance collaborations become more and more complicated. Just look at how for months, first in Europe, then worldwide, the economy slowed down.

Amber allows you to connect with your colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers all over the world easily and securely. And you can be sure not to lose any files.

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Simply register and create another account and the Amber owner can create shared folders, limit access and even time.

Even easier is to generate a link to share with anyone. 

You can decide for how long people can have access to the folder or what they can do: read, write, delate. 

We use it ourselves in our support section to share any manuals. 

Filmmakers, designers and artists use shared folders as a digital showroom to display their work on their social media or other portals.

Others share projects with their business partners, knowing that their files are safe in their personal cloud.

IT has never been safer before with Amber.


Angelo Bici    


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